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Saturday, April 9, 2016

Teachers are Readers (Spring Break Reading Challenge Results)

Before Spring Break I issued a challenge to our teachers and staff.  I encouraged them to choose a book that was new to them, read the book, and then think about kids they could share the book with.  I made a Google Doc and we all added our book titles and thoughts right in the shared document where everyone could see.

During break I kept checking on the doc to see if anybody had completed the challenge and what they had to share about the books.  Eventually, teachers started finishing their books and adding their comments.  Here are just a few of the comments:

  •  "Stella by Starlight- for our 3rd and 4th graders with background knowledge about the Civil Rights movement and segregation (AMAZINGLY SWEET book!)"
  • "The Hero Two Doors Down- Great book! Thanks for recommending the book to me Lauren.  I have already passed it on to XXXX.  This is a great book to recommend to students who like sports and it has a great message about accepting people who are different and how to respond when things don’t go your way."
  • "We the Children- This would be great for students interested in mysteries. (Third Grade has been lately, but this might be more upper level, especially as a V level) It is part of a series and left me hanging at the end of the first book!! Can’t wait to find book two now!"
  • "The Missing Pieces of Me & The Dark Ferret Society- I think XXXXX would love the first  book.I already did a book buzz with my granddaughter who is in 6th grade about both of these books.  She wants me to bring the first one to her on Saturday and then the other one when I am finished with it."
  • "Dexter the Tough- I think this book is good for kids who maybe have a tougher home life and don’t know how to deal with it.  Therefore, they lash out at school with problematic behavior.  Definitely for a more mature reader. :)
  • "Dark Ferret Society (This book was written by the wife of our 4th grade teacher. Lots of people were excited to read it.) Started buzzing to 3rd grade about it and we were making connections about the mystery books they have read. " " I just can’t wait for book two!!! Kudos Emily!" "Still reading but I LOVE IT!  Had to finish my book first, because book hopping is not my thing. :)" " am almost done with The Dark Ferret Society.  I love this book!!  Emily is a fantastic author.  I think this book should become a movie!"
  • "STAT Home Court- Basketball fans will really enjoy this book about standing up to bullies and working hard. XXXXXX and XXXX like this book because it is written by Amar's Stoudemire."
I am proud of our principal and teachers who took on the reading challenge.  I feel strongly that we are better able to recommend and buzz books to our students when we have read lots and lots of books in our classroom libraries.  We can't whisper books to kids until we've had a taste of books and authors ourselves.

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