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Sunday, August 6, 2017

SHINE- Goals for 2017-2018

Tomorrow is the beginning of my twenty-sixth year of teaching. (How is this possible?!?)  As I look  ahead to another school year, I want to make this one the best year yet. "Shine" has been my word this year, but I wanted to put some actions behind it to have a way to spur me on. So in true Pirate fashion, thank you Dave Burgess, I am writing my goals as an acrostic.

S- Smile- I need to smile more. Sometimes I am smiling on the inside, but the news hasn't always made it to my face. Life is too short to be unhappy, and I'm going to smile.

H- Help- We all need each other. Helping students, staff, teachers, parents, and others in our school community is the way to show that I am here to give support.

I-Intentions- This year I am going to assume that people have the best intentions. At times I can be very critical about the intentions and motives people have. This puts me in a negative head space, and it isn't helpful.

N-Nurture- I am excited to find out which students will be in my classes this year.  I know I'm not their parent, but I have the honor to nurture and support them while they are in my room. We all need to know that we have someone in our corner. It's going to be me this year.

E-Encourage- Everyone thrives when they feel supported and encouraged. I want to have my eyes and heart open and looking for ways to encourage others.

It's really about having an "others" focus. When I have decisions to make this year, I want to run them through the "Shine" test.  Here's to a shine-y 2017-2018 school year.