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Saturday, January 14, 2017

Staff Book Club #3 "Rain Reign"

The Lincoln Staff Book Club is currently reading Rain Reign by Ann M. Martin.
We have over 15 staff members reading this book about Rose Howard,a 12 year-old girl with Asperberger's Syndrome, and how she navigates her world.  I hadn't read this book until now, so I am experiencing Rose's take on her world for the first time. My heart aches for Rose when she doesn't understand the difficulties she is having at home and school. I am looking forward to the discussions we'll have as a staff on Tuesday when we talk about the first half of the book. I am loving our Staff Book Club.

  • Yesterday I was sent this text, "I finished the book club book 😭😭😭".
  • We were iced in yesterday and a teacher posted, "luckily I remembered my book club book!"
  • One of our first grade teachers recommended the book and wrote about it on her blog
  • This was posted on my Facebook page,"I've been reading Rain Reign, but just realized I'll be out on Tuesday at Stem training when you meet ðŸ˜«!

Book clubs are a great way to build community. How could you promote a book club at your school? How could you introduce staff members to books? How do you share your reading life in your school community?

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