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Friday, December 16, 2016

The Crossover Book Club Part 2

The Crossover book club met for the last time this week. It was fun to hear teachers talk about how much they enjoyed reading the book, and how they might not have picked this on their own. Book Clubs are a great opportunity to branch out and try genres outside of their usual picks.

We also used a shared Google Doc to record our thoughts and wonders regarding the book.  I love how  The Crossover gave the teachers an avenue to think about the lives of our students.  Here are just a couple comments from our book club.

  • " I thought about how much of his identity was in basketball and wondered about myself and our students who might not “know” themselves outside of one skill, talent, hobby, etc they possess. I want to help my students really see and know themselves each day as many things - learners, friends, siblings, students, great at whatever their talents are, explorers, and so much more!"
  • "Towards the end of Part 1 we see a change in Josh due to his brother being occupied. This makes me wonder how many of our students are thinking this way when compared to siblings."
  • "As the story unfolds and reaches the end, there is such a sense of loneliness in Josh, feeling as though all that filled him is gone. I wonder if we all feel that way sometimes about losses in our lives, not only of people, but of dreams, abilities, goals, and more. I wonder how our students carry this day to day as well."
The book club will start reading our next book in January. I can't wait for more opportunities to grow as readers.

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