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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Preparing for Donalyn Miller (or It's Amazing What People Will Do for Jeans Day!)

     Donalyn Miller, educational leader and author, will be visiting my school in exactly one month.  A couple weeks ago the instructional coach and I were brainstorming ways we could encourage the teachers to read one of Donalyn's books before her visit.  We came up with a plan to ask the teachers to voluntarily have a book club discussion in the lounge during their lunch times each Wednesday for the next month.  What incentive could we offer the teachers that would entice them to put one more thing on their plates?  JEANS DAY!!!
     We went to our principal with the idea, and of course she was supportive.  I sent out an email letting people know about the plan and how they could sign-up.  It is encouraging to know that all 11 classroom teachers are participating along with the librarian, ELL teacher, speech and language teacher, art teacher, and instructional coach.  I get it that not everybody has the extra time to take on one more thing.  I also get it that some people might be participating just to get jeans days. However, our kids will really be the winners.  They're the winners because our teachers will be discussing, learning, and reflecting on classroom practices.  It's great to see teachers posting on social media about reading for our book club.  It's cool to hear teachers already discussing what they have been reading.
     I can't wait until lunch time tomorrow!  We'll be wearing our comfy jeans, and we'll be learning from Donalyn Miller and each other.

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  1. I cannot wait to see how this collaboration impacts our practices. Let's get "Wild"! :)