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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Donalyn Miller's Visit (Part 1)

July 12th was a very normal summer day.  I was at my parent's house when I saw that I had a Twitter notification. I opened the notification and was amazed to see that I had won a giveaway sponsored by Scholastic.
This was not just any normal giveaway. I had won a school visit by Donalyn Miller!!! Yes, you read that correctly. Author and speaker, Donalyn Miller, is going to visit my little world of Lincoln Elementary School.  I quickly contacted Scholastic with my information, and then I tried to explain to my parents why I was so excited. They really didn't understand that Donalyn Miller is the author of The Book Whisper and Reading in the Wild. They didn't understand that I heard her speak at two sessions last year at the National ILA Conference. They didn't understand that after reading Donalyn's book, Reading in the Wild, I changed how I work with reluctant readers. (I guess they don't remember my blog posts Thank you, Donalyn Miller , Trusting the ReaderBook Buzz LotteryTeachers Who ReadThat Darn Captain UnderpantsLet the Data Speak for Itself,)

Do you see that Donalyn Miller replied to my Tweet?!!!!

Fast forward to this past week. I received an email from Donalyn asking for some possible dates for her visit. She wanted to know how she can best support our school. We still don't have a date scheduled yet, but this thing is gong to happen!  Stay tuned...

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