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Friday, May 6, 2016

Book Buzz Lottery UPDATE

     On March 20, 2016, I wrote about my experience with holding a Book Buzz Lottery in the 2nd grade classrooms during Read Across America Week.  Yesterday one of the 2nd graders brought back Roscoe Riley Rules: Never Glue Your Friends to Chairs and said, "Everybody who wanted to read it did. We're finished."
     I thought, "Wow, they remembered to bring back the book. That's great."  Then the really important thoughts came. How many kids actually read the book?  How are they doing with the other two books I left in the classroom? So up to 2nd grade I marched.  I took pictures of what I discovered.
Roscoe Riley Readers
Secrets of Droon Readers
  NINE kids read Roscoe Riley Rules:  Never Glue Your Friends to Chairs. This is so exciting to me. We've been in school for 6 weeks since we held the book lottery, and this one book has been read by nine different kids. I call this a success.
The Kids of Einstein Elementary Readers
     Next, I asked the kids who had read The Secrets of Droon to come up and have their picture taken.  TEN kids have read the book, and one more is in the middle of reading it. She showed me that she has the second book in the series checked out from the library.  My plan is working.  I picked this book on purpose in order to draw readers into another series they might love.
     Check out the picture of The Kids of Einstein Elementary readers. TWELVE readers in all have enjoyed this book. This book is also part of a series.
     Here's what I notice:
  • I only see one face that is in all three pictures. That makes me think the three books appealed to many different kids. 
  • Seventeen different kids read at least one of the books. The lottery appealed to almost all of the kids. 
  • Everybody is smiling! The Book Buzz Lottery was not something they had to do. The Book Buzz Lottery was fun, and kids were able to read fun books.
  • The Book Buzz Lottery was easy and FREE! 
  • Buzzing about books in a series opens up a world of new books to experience.
Will I use the Book Buzz Lottery again? Of course I will!!!

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